I can't load my game in Chrome!

RachyCareBear -

If you are unable to load the game and have recently updated your Flash Player, please be aware that there are currently some known issues with running the latest version of Flash while using Chrome as a browser. Follow the instructions below to re-allow flash in Chrome:

- Type “about:plugins” (without the quotation marks) into the address bar at the top of a Chrome browser window.


- Click “Details” at the upper-right corner of the page.




- Find the “Flash” (or “Shockwave Flash”) listing on the Plug-ins page and click the corresponding “Enable” button.



- Close all Chrome windows and restart the browser.




 If you are still having issues try our more in depth troubleshooter, or submit a support ticket:
  • Facebook games: click "report/contact this app" on the game page either at the very bottom left, or just below the ads on the right depending on the game.
  • Mobile Apps: Go to the online app store in a browser and locate the support link
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