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If you're games are not loading, crashing, or you aren't receiving some of your gifts sometimes turning off secure browsing can help.  Remember that all your account information will be sent using SSL (secure browsing) whether you have secure browsing enabled or not.  It's also simple to turn back on if it doesn't help with your issues.
For more assistance see Facebook's Help Center! Pour obtenir des instructions en français voir le Centre d'aide de Facebook! Para ver instrucciones en español Centro de Ayuda Facebook!  Lesen deutsche Anleitung in Facebook Das Help Desk
  1. Click the Gear on the upper right corner of Facebook, then pick "Account Settings"

  2.  Click "Security" in the upper left corner of the General Account Settings Page

  3. You can see your secure browsing settings here.  If you wish to change them click "edit" on the right

  4. Uncheck the check box, then click save

  5. Your changes are saved
 If you are still having issues try our more in depth troubleshooter, or submit a support ticket:
  • Facebook games: click "report/contact this app" on the game page either at the very bottom left, or just below the ads on the right depending on the game.
  • Mobile Apps: Go to the online app store in a browser and locate the support link


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