How To: Delete your Flash Cache

Cordelia Blythe -

If you play flash games a lot then you should clear your cache and flash cache fairly regularly.  If your games are laggy, not loading properly, or crashing it's a good place to start.


How To Clear your Flash Cache. 

You will not lose any game data but memory settings, zoom, and sound my be reset to default.

Close all flash applications completely then go to:

The control panel on the web is not a photograph. This is the actual control panel.  

  1. Click "Delete all sites"

  2. Then click confirm,  and you're done!




 If you are still having issues try our more in depth troubleshooter, or submit a support ticket:
  • Facebook games: click "report/contact this app" on the game page either at the very bottom left, or just below the ads on the right depending on the game.
  • Mobile Apps: Go to the online app store in a browser and locate the support link
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