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If you are still having trouble loading the game after exploring all of the options detailed below, report it in the appropriate game forum or by submitting a bug report:

  • Facebook games: click "report/contact this app" on the game page either at the very bottom left, or just below the ads on the right depending on the game.
  • Mobile Apps: Go to the online app store in a browser and locate the support link


Trouble-shooting steps

  • Hit refresh! even a few times...
  • Turn secure browsing off. Facebook>Account Settings>Security>Secure browsing>edit (photo tutorial)
  • Clear your flash cache Instructions are here
  • Clear your browser cache. Instructions are here.
  • Install the latest Flash player (or reinstall if you already have it).
  • Try a different browser. The most popular are Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer.
  • Try accessing the game from http://apps.facebook.com/sixwaves
  • Try a different Internet connection.
  • Try a different computer.
  • Please check your filters if you're using an Ad Blocker. For more info:http://forums.lolapps.com/showthread...-adblock-issue
  • Try restarting your computer.
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